How To Care For Mushroom Corals

Mushroom Corals are a great addition to a aquarium and are great for beginners and experienced saltwater keepers.  Mushrooms really do not require alot of care their are just a couple of key things that you should keep in mind.

Mushroom Coral Requirements:
  • Medium to High Light
  • Strong Current
  • Try to keep it to it's own area of the tank.
  • Iodine Supplement
  • Trace Elements
 The reason why you want to keep it in it's own space is because some other corals can be aggressive and can harm the mushrooms.  If you want them to spread like wildfire then I would use a combination of supplements including Iodine and Trace Elements.  Also place near a power head or water current and you will soon have a piece of live rock covered in mushrooms and you will enjoy the tank watching it grow and spread.

Not sure what to feed mushroom corals don't worry just let photosynthesis do it's job and add the iodine and trace elements and that's all you need to feed them.
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