Learn How To Breed White Cloud Minnows

Breeding White Cloud Minnows is easy to do either in a pond or a tank.  I like breeding them in a pond because you get a better outcome and their is free live food at all times when mosquitoes breed in it.  

Sexing White Cloud Minnows:  These guys really only comes down to the plumpness.  Females are more plump than the male.  Males are more stream line.

To get these guys to breed condition them with frozen brineshrimp or bloodworms for about 3 days then introduce a spawning mop or java moss they will swim into this and scatter eggs in it.  You can do this in a 10 gallon tank and with a group of 6-8 minnows.

Heater: None need, room tempature is fine but a heater can be used.

Tank Conditions: PH and all that don't really matter.

Fry hatch after about 36 hours and are free swimming within a week.  But remember to remove parents after spawning since they will eat them.  Babies can be fed infursia until a week old then baby brineshrimp.  They become free swimming at about a week old.

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