What to Feed Zoanthids as Well as How To-Get Maximum Growth Now

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Feeding Zoanthids is important for a healthy coral that multiples quickly.  If you are looking to feed your zoanthids so that they multiple and spread quicker then their are quite a few things that you could feed them that are easy to get your hands on.

My favorite method of feeding is using cyclop eeze. The zoanthids love it and they are small enough for even the smallest zoanthids. If you are looking for a better color on your zoanthid then these are great foods to use.  If you are looking for maximum growth then you will need to target feed them, most zoanthids will get fed when you feed your tank but with target feeding they get their fill and you don't have to worry about overfeeding your tank because you are spraying them directly.  Buy it on the link above from our store.

One method that is successful is pellet feeding.  If you use a marine pellet and place it right into your cluster of zoas.  Their can be problems when doing this because the fish realize this is a free meal and might pick at the zoanthids.   If you want to cut down on them picking at the zoas then yu can try turning the lights off and the power heads.  You can also try soaking the pellets in a cup of the tank water and squirt it into the cluster.

Another method I love to use is taking a piece of frozen brineshrimp cube and placing it in water and let it break up and extract the murky part of the water and spray it into the zoas they love this and the growth is amazing that I have had.  Only do a small squirt so that you don't overfeed your tank.

Here is the syringe I use it's meant for filling ink cartridges but is perfect for coral feeding.  You can buy them from our Amazon Store.  They are perfect for squirt small quantities.  It's a 3ml syringe with a 18 gauge output.

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