How to Frag Leather Corals-Step by Step Guide

Leather Corals are the best coral for beginners to start out with, the reason being is that they are very forgiving and heal up relatively quick.  The two most common leathers to buy in a pet store are Toadstool and Finger Leathers.  Each has a different way to cut it.

When you are fragging the toadstools you want to take the coral out of the water and take a pair of sharp scissors and cut the top off the toadstool and then cut it into fours, like a pizza.  Make sure it's a clean cut and smooth.  Then take your surface your attaching it to like a ceramic plug, piece of live rock, live rock plug.  You can use light fishing string or rubber bands.  The fishing string works better because the rubber band can cause your frag to divide again making a small frag.  After this place back in the water.  It will take roughly a week or two to attach to the rock and then you will be able to remove string or band.

Not sure what a ceramic plug is view our sale on them.

Now if you have a Finger leather coral the only difference when fragging is you will cut one of the fingers off and attach it the same way.

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