How To Score A Deal On A Tank or Aquarium on Craigslist

So you find your self debating between going to the big chain store or buying a used tank.  My only recommendation would be buy used you will save hundreds of dollars.  So their is a general rule to go with when buying tanks.  If your buying a tank only used don't pay more than 75 cents per gallon so a 20 gallon, I wouldn't pay more than $15.

Now if your buying a whole aquarium setup with tank, hood, stand, heater, filter and more then I don't pay more than $2 a gallon.  so For a 55 gallon tank with everything I wouldn't pay more than $110 but take into consideration the condition of the tank.  For bigger tanks be sure to check the center frame beam if it has it and make sure it's not broke.

Also if your looking on craigslist try these words in the search bar for some results that others wouldn't show up.  Also check the pet section and general section but for keywords search for.

  • Aquariums
  • Fish
  • Fish Tanks
  • Cichlid
  • Tetra
  • Tank
These will usually touch on everything that you'll be looking for.

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  1. I'm usually willing to pay $1 per gal, but if its an acrylic tank then that's a whole 'nother ball game ;)