Assassin Snail Breeding Plus Care

If you are having a snail problem which does happen quite often if you buy from petstores.  Not saying it always happens but it can.  Then you can get a Assassin snail, but these guys aren't as bad as you think because they only go after other snails and leave fish and fry alone.
Photo by RSX
You will find assassin snails in clean, fast moving streams with mud and sand in the wild.  These snails can tolerate a larger spectrum of water conditions from P.H at 6.2-7.8.  The assassin snails will lie under sediment or leaves and will chase other snails down and eat them.

Scientific Name- Clea helena

Retail these assassin snails go for around $4.99 - $6 per snail.  These guys are easy to care for and do much better in a planted tank and look stunning in them just look at the picture above.

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