Underwater Aquarium LED Light Bar Light Strip & Airstone for Aquariums

 So while shopping for the most newest thing in the aquarium world I can across the submersible light.  It's crazy all the things this light can do.  So this light has 16 colors and a couple different modes like flash, strobing, fade-change a couple more.  This light works really good with a air stone or a air stone curtain.  Buy The Underwater LED Light Bar Here From Amazon.com

What makes this great is if you have any nocturnal fish this has a light that can help you see the fish while they swim around thinking it's night time still.  Also their is no need to have to worry about weighting it down like some other lights require.  This one is weighted already and great for use in a freshwater or saltwater tank.

It also can be used as a air stone

 Here are a couple examples of what it will look like but you can help disguise it behind plants and build up gravel around it.  This is a neat decoration for your aquarium.  Also because it's LED it doesn't use a whole lot of power.

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