Pearl Gourami How To Care For And Enjoy in Your Tank

Pearl gourami are some beautiful fish that I don't think get enough attention. They are quite a hardy fish and get large but not to large.

Usually live between 4-6 years. Pearl Gouramis get around 4 inches. They do like warmer water but can tolerate lower temperature.  The temperature should be kept around 72-80F.  With the PH you can be in the range of 6.4 to 8.2, I keep mine around 7.8 and they are doing great.  These pearl gouramis will eat pretty much whatever is put in front of them including flake food, frozen brineshrimp, plus live brineshrimp as well.  They are usually peaceful but can be aggressive if a nest is built and they feel threatened.  Plus a positive about them is at their large size they are still safe to put with plants.  They will build their bubblenest under or in floating plants, Styrofoam cups cut in half or bubble wrap floating.

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