How To Make Infurosia Many Different Ways

First Method-
  • Fill Mason Jar half way with chlorine free water.  I use fish tank water
  • Place a leaf of lettuce in it.(Wash the Leaf)
  • Put 1 algae wafer in.
  • Put under strong light.
  • Wait for water to get cloudy, then when it starts to clear up you can siphon out the infurosia(When the water is cloudy it's not infurosia, it's the bacteria bloom that the infurosia eats off of.)
 Second Method-
  • Take a two liter coke bottle
  • Fill half way with tank water
  • Put a rabbit pellet into coke bottle
  • Let it sit in a sunny spot 
  • Water goes cloudy once it clears it's ready to use
Third Method-
  • Take a mason jar
  • Fill half way with water
  • Add liquifry to water
  • The liquifry can be used to feed infurosia and feed your fry
 Fourth Method-
  • Get water from a pond this has tons of infurosia but beware it could introduce harmful things as well.
 Fifth Method-
  • Mason Jar
  • Buy a Turnip
  • Peel the turnip and cut the inner white part into small cubes
  • Put in the mason jar filled with tank water
  • After a week the squares will be decomposing
  • Presto you have a nice culture without the stink.
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