Scales and Tails in Wilbraham, MA-Find the Hard to Find

Looking for some unusual fish for your tank but you don't know where to look. Then check out Scales and Tails in Wilbraham, MA.  This store is run by Nate, one of the nicest guys I've met.  But don't worry if you cant make it to Massachusetts then you can order and have fish shipped to you.  You can view their website at Scales and Tails.  They stock Freshwater, Saltwater, Corals, Inverts, and the peruvian fish that they are known for and so much more.  Good luck trying to find these fish anywhere else.  Here are some pictures of the fish he carries.

This store is crazy and grows everyday with new tanks being added all the time.  I had the privilege to view Scales and Tails when it first opened and it grows everyday with new items added all the time.  Don't worry if you can't find something they will try their hardest to find it for you. Also if you are looking for fish like Stringrays, Electric eels, Wild fish or so many more then get ahold of them.

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It's one of the best Fish Stores in Western, MA

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