Aquarium Heaters for small tanks

If you have a small tank for bettas, or a nano tank then you maybe having a tough time finding a heater for the tank.  Also finding one that might now overheat your poor tank can be difficult.  Here are two you can find on Amazon that I have tried and love.

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1.  This heater from Hydor Betta Heater is perfect for tanks up to 5 gallons and can go under the gravel so that it can be hidden.  I love this heater because I was able to attach it to the side of the tank and keep a small nano tank at a steady 76F. 

2. This is the Bettastik and is made for small tanks especially for bettas.  This heater for a small tank did a great job keeping it heated but in a small bowl it was kind of a eye sore because it was hard to hide in the bowl.  But the thing I loved most was it was under $5 and was well worth the money.


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