How to Fight Algae in a Oscar or Large Cichlid Tank

When you have a large oscar it can be difficult to fight algae and keep it away but their are some methods that will help get rid of the algae and keep it away.  If you already have algae in the tank and you have a large cichlid you could get a large pleco and I mean one that is noticeable larger than the cichlid.  But their are other ways to do it.

Reasons you could be having a algae problem:
  1. Your aquarium light is to much. (Only keep on for 8 hours.)
  2. Your feeding your tank to much.
  3. Direct Sunlight
You could fight it with a:
  1. Large Pleco
  2. Scrap it off
  3. Do large water change and keep the lights off for a couple days
  4. Feed less
  5. Algae Control Liquid

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