Tutti Frutti Frog Care-Colored African Clawed Frogs

The market has always had some sort of colored fish in it, but now their is a new amphibian that is colored called the Tutti Frutti Frog.  All these are, is a colored african clawed frog.  Their are many rumors s to how these guys get their color.
  • Eating dyed food
  • Tattooing the frog
  • Injecting dye into eggs
  • Injecting the dye in frogs
  • Dipping them in dye

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Whatever the method this fish is easy to care for and is just used to rejuvenate the sales of Albino african clawed frogs.  If you buy these they do require a 10 gallon tank or larger because they do get big.  I have had some african clawed frogs that have gotten the size of a baseball.

What do Tutti Fruti Frogs eat.
They do require a heater in their tank.  Also you need to keep a tight lid on the aquarium because they can jump out of the tank.   View photos of these cool frogs on Segrest

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