How To Make Your Flowerhorn Show it's True Color

If you are looking to get a flowerhorn, but you don't know what to look for.  Don't just go out and buy a flowerhorn and expect it to look like the ones in the pictures.  Unless you buy directly from a breeder it's going to be difficult.

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But their are some ways to make your flowerhorn look better.  You want the big hump and the intense red coloring.  Their are a few things that will help your flowerhorn get that hump.  Find a fish food that is high in fat.  No animal fat.  Use a fish food but only 2-3 times a week don't use all the time because this can lead to future problems.

The food to the right is Grand Sumo Red, you need the red formula it's aimed toward head and hump growth.  Plus you can feed this to other cichlids.  It helps produce some awesome red devils.

So now that your on your way to making a nice looking flowerhorn.  The Intense red coloring is important also, you can use this grand sumo food, but you could get the original formula and save some money and still get great quality.

Fish foods that include Astaxanthin will help intensify the red color.  Usually krill or shrimp will also help with the coloring.

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