How to Breed Koi/Raise Baby Koi/Sexing Koi

I would like to go over How to breed Koi, How to raise the baby koi, and how to sex koi.  Breeding koi requires a large body of water because remember koi do reach a size of 36 inches.

Breeding Age of Koi:
4-6 years old is ideal.  If they are to old or to young you will have a problem with the condition of them and the eggs.

My Koi Breeding Pond
Breeding Koi:
Best Done outside.
Best when done around full moon
Use 2 males to 1 female never more.
Separate the breeding Trio.

Sexing Koi: 
Females are plump looking from above
Males are more torpedo shaped when viewed from above

Breeding Koi Setup:
At least a 800 gallon round pond. Round so their isnt a corner the males can back the female into.  Breeding can be very rough so remember koi usually come out missing parts of fins and some get scars. The fins usually grow back.

Water Hyacinths is the perfect breeding material for breeding koi.  I use at least 10-12 of these plants which makes a perfect ratio.  PH doesn't really matter when it comes to breeding koi. 

When the breeding occurs its usually at sunrise and first thing in the morning.  The males start pushing against the female to get her to release eggs sometimes pushing her against the pond falls. 

Breeding usually gives me about 1000-1500 eggs.  Not all of them hatch usually 50%.  Remove the parents after spawning.  Try to seperate males from females because they both need to relax now.  Try to feed frozen food or live for best results. 

After 24 hours the koi babies require feeding 3-5 times a day.  Usually in a outside mature pond they feed of microorganisms.  I love this way because it's better then having to worry about overfeeding.  But if your pond is new do live baby brineshrimp and lots of it.  Like I said 1000-1500 babies are their now.

Try to separate babies into different ponds for best results when they are growing.

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