How to Breed Firemouth Cichlids: Sexing Firemouth Cichlids: Raising Fry

Breeding Firemouth Cichlids is relatively easy, almost as easy as Convict Cichlids.  Firemouth Cichlids get around 6 inches when full grown and males and females have fire red throat, while females are a duller red.

Sexing Firemouth Cichlids:
Males have a pointed dorsal and anal fin. Also during mating the red is more intense.
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Females have rounded dorsal and anal fin.

Breeding Firemouth Cichlids:
Use a 40 gallon or bigger tank to breed firemouth cichlids, I recommend keeping the pair in a tank by themselves.  This way they don't become overly protective, or beat other fish up.  Use frozen meaty and veggie foods to get them into mating mode.  Also if their having problems do 25% water changes every other day.  Flat slate rock or clay pots work best for a breeding platform.

Raising Firemouth Cichlid Fry:
Firemouth Cichlids are Mouthbrooders meaning they breed and keep the eggs in their mouth.  This method is more effective in proving shelter for fry, this makes for a higher survival rate.  The parents will spit the babies out to feed after the mother leaves them out when they get to big separate them from parents.
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Water changes are important for healthy big fry.  Doing 50% every other day is great as well as feeding 2-3 times a day frozen or live foods.


  1. I have 6 smaller ones in a 10 gallon, is that okay for now? They're about an inch long each. I plan on transfering them when they mature into a 55 gallon. Can I breed a pair in a 10 gallon?

  2. No you wouldnt be able to.

  3. But I can keep them in there for now?