Benefits of a UV Sterilizer for Tanks.

Benefits of having a UV sterilizer are incredible but isn't always necessary for freshwater tanks.  I recommend UV sterilizers for Saltwater and Ponds.  The benefits of them in Freshwater tanks don't weigh out the cost of one.

Whats great about UV sterilizers is that they can help clear up cloudy or algae ridden water.  They clear cloudy water caused by algae blooms or parasite blooms.  These great lights can also clear up ich and other external parasites.

But what UV sterilizer do you choose when it comes to your tank or pond.  I love the twist flow UV sterilizer because it flows around the UV light and has a better kill rate.  The straight show UV's don't seem to work as well especially if the flow rate is to high.

For smaller tanks their is also a hang on version that hangs on the side of the tank just like a normal filter.

Remember to change your UV light every 6-8 months or 4,000 hours.  The bulbs cost $29-$59 on average.  That's what I love about the Aqueon Coralife Turbo Twist UV because you can bulbs for $29.  

Rumors have people believing that UV sterilizers will kill beneficial bacteria, and yes it does but only free floating bacteria which is little compared to the bacteria that settles on ornaments, plants, gravel and the aquarium glass. 

Here's a question for my viewers based on a $250 budget what UV sterilizer would you choose based on these Amazon Pricing tell me in the comments what you would buy under UV Sterilizer for Tanks


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