How to Skip the cycling process in a Aquarium, How to add Fish Right Away

So you set up your tank and you go to the pet store and ask for some fish, the associate ask you when you set up your tank and you say 4 hours ago.  The associate goes on telling you about "cycling your aquarium",  Well their is a way to skip this with some chemicals or a older tank. Here are some

Using a old tank or a friends tank:  If you have a friend with a established tank you can take a piece of

their filter and put it in your filter and let in run for about 6 hours and your ready to go.  Or you can use a piece from a old aquarium if you have one set up and running.  Also if your upgrading the size dump all the old water in your new aquarium.  Remember to get the filter from a disease free aquarium with healthy fish.  Also this doesn't mean you can fill the whole tank with fish you always want to start off with 3-4 fishs at a time.  With cichlids add 1-3 depending on the aquarium size.

Using chemical to establish tank quicker you can use

    With these chemicals you can instantly establish your tank and add fish that day. Check out each one above to see which one fits your aquarium the best. I use the Nutrafin cycle for my aquariums that I set up for people it works the quickest. Remember what I said about only adding a couple fish after you put the chemicals in. Your never want to fully stock your tank right away.

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