Introducing Your Fish The Right Way to a Aquarium without Causality

My new Knight Goby I just introduced to the Tank
A fish is brought home from a pet store about every 45 seconds and at least 5% don't make it out of the bag or won't even last a hour in the new tank.  This can be stopped very easily and it's easier than you think it is.  When fish buyers are releasing their fish from the bag, they weren't told the right way to do it.  I want to show you how to do it without hurting your fish.

Follow these steps carefully and you should have no problem.

  1. Let the bag float for 15 minutes.
  2. Cut the bag open
  3. Pour water into the bag from a cup slowly every 2-3 minutes(Read below why not the other way)
  4. Dump bag into a bowl and net the fish out of the bowl.
The reason you add water to the bag is to reduce cross contamination with pet store water.   Also don't just dump the bag into your tank.  Both things above could lead to ich, tail rot, fin rot and much more.  Scooping them out of a bowl will help also reduce the stress that could kill your fish or you could kill them by accidentally squeezing them in a corner.  I have seen this happen way to many times.  Take your time with releasing fish, it's not meant to be a 3 minute procedure.  Take your time and so will your fish and they will last so much longer.

Here's my video on releasing new fish to a tank.

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