Betta Breeding Bare Bottom Tank

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Breeding bettas has become a easy thing to do know with the word of mouth.  I want to explain different setups for breeding bettas.  This first method is the most commonly used method.  The supplies you will are
  • 5 or 10 gallon tank (bare bottom)
  • Aquarium Heater
  • Styrofoam cup
  • Hurricane lamp glass vase
Setup the tank only filling it half way or 5 inches.  Put a submersible heater in the water to keep it at 78 F degrees.  Cut the stryofoam cup from top to bottom.  This is where the bubblenest will be built.

Place the male in the tank for a day then put the female in the hurricane vase for usually a day.  Once the male starts building the bubble nest you can check the female for vertical bars.  If you see horizontal bars she is not ready yet.

The reason you use a hurricane vase is because it's hollow on the top and bottom.  This allows you to remove it and release the female without disturbing the nest.

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