Blue Acara How to Breed, Care For This Cichlid

Blue Acara's are gorgeous fish that belong in the cichlid family.  These fish reach about 7 inches in length and are usually not as aggressive as most other cichlids.  When breeding blue acara's it's important to know that they reach maturity around 3 inches.

Sexing Blue Acaras can be difficult, usually the only way is to look at the fins.  The top and bottom fins are usually pointed and are extremely long usually extending beyond the back fin.  If you want to get them to breed you can slowly change your water to 79-81F degrees, then make your water soft and a low PH.
Their egg layers,  the pair will clean off a rock or flat surface and prepare it for their eggs.  The key to knowing how to breed your blue acaras is knowing what kind of parents they are.  Most are great and protective parents like most other cichlids.

Feeding your Blue Acaras is easy because they will pretty much eat anything, frozen and live are always the best remember that.  Also keep alot of hiding spots in the breeding tank this is crucial for escaping bullying.

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