Caring for,Plus Breeding Mollies

Molly live bearers are some off the easiest and some of the picker fish.  Molly range in many different body types, their are balloon mollies, lyretail molly, sailfin mollys, normal mollies.  Also many different colors, some include white, black, gold, Dalmatian, creamsicle and so many more.

Mollies can live in fresh, brackish, and full marine water.  Even the freshwater variety do require aquarium salt in the water. 

Sexing mollies is easy the picture shows a male molly if you look at the bottom fin looking fin it's in the shape of a rod this is what a male looks like.  The females fin is a normal looking fin on the bottom.  A female will stay pregnant for 28-31 days.  The females can actually get pregnant up to three times from contact from just one male.  The molly fry are free swimming immediately and will eat crushed up flake food, baby brine shrimp and much more. 

Mollies are a mostly vegetable matter eater.  You can also buy algae strips to put in your tank that they will love.  Also try cucumbers, zucchini boil each before placing into tank. 

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