Sponge Filter Reviews: Round, Corner, Dual Corner Filters

Sponge Filters are one of the forgotten filters and can actually make your life a little easier when it comes to fry, shrimp or small fish.  The sponge filter allows you to control outflow of water and the suction won't suck your fish or fry up in it.

One of the most popular sponge filters is the round sponge it's cheap usually under $6.  This as well as other sponge filters does require a air pump.  How this works is the air stone blows air and water creating a vacuum which draws the water and debri into the sponge.

The sponge is designed and constructed with multilayer principle, provide larger surface area with no clogging. The Fish Tank Filter provides biological filtration to the aquarium, helps to stable water quality. Mostly fit to external or top filtration system for pre-filtration purposes. Biochemical Fish Filter increases the oxygen solubilityWorking noiselessly. Good permeability, Fish Air Pump is easy to clean. Buy the Sponge Filter Here

The corner sponge filter does everything the others do but fits nicely in a corner. You can buy Corner Sponge Filters from Amazon Here

This is another version of a sponge filter it contains many forms of media in it that help you filter out your water a little more efficient.  The allows more beneficial bacteria to grow and other toxins to be removed that normal sponge filters don't remove. Buy it Here From Our Amazon Store.

Here are the main sponge filters that you can buy.  These filters aren't recommended for large aquariums like 55 gallons.  These are best used smaller tanks usually 1-20 gallon tanks.  They conserve energy like crazy because they run off of one air pump which is more energy efficient than a bunch of HOB filters.

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