Guide To Drilling A Aquarium, Fish Tank or Glass Tank-Step by Step

Drilling a fish tank can be a scary nerve racking adventure for anyone who has never done it before but I will walk you thru it and what you need to do it.  Please Enjoy!  Don't drill thru tempered glass.  Drilling a aquarium allows you to do sumps, overflows, connect multiple tanks, allow a neater look to a aquarium canister filter.

What you need-
Diamond Glass Drill Bit-Buy Here
Plumbers Putty
Electric Drill

One of the most important things to remember is that you must keep the bit cool.  It's best to set up a water hose to run water constantly over where you are drilling.

The tank must be empty and laying so that were you are drilling is laying horizontal and is level.  Next roll the putty between hands into a 1/2 inch rope.  Put the putty in a circle twice the size of the hole thats where the hose water will pour during the drilling.

Drill straight down only allowing the drill to create the pressure.  DO NOT PUSH DOWN OR MOVE SIDE TO SIDE!!!!  Doing that can chip, crack, or break the tank or glass.  Please be patient this can take a little while.  Being patient is very important. Always drill more than two inches from the sides.

Hope this helps you drill a aquarium.

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