How much Gravel Should You Use in a Tank

This is a tricky one.  When it comes to deciding how much substrate you should use you need to decide on a couple of things.  If your looking to do large rocks for cave structures or large flat rocks.  You will want to use more gravel to protect the bottom glass.  In a tank with normal plastic plants and decorations I recommend 1 pound per gallon.  So Ex. a 55 gallon tank should have 55lbs of gravel or sand.

In a tank with with large rocks you should use 1.5lbs per gallon so for a 10 gallon tank you should have 15 lbs of substrate.

Also adding a little more gravel will help you keep plants grounded even when you have fish who like to dig. Also with digging fish keep in mind what fish dig.  I have a Dojo Loach that would dig in the sand I had like crazy.  The Super Naturals is my favorite sand to use.

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