Carib Sea Ecco-Complete Live Freshwater African Cichlid Review

 Looking to add a different look to your cichlid tank but not sure what to add.  Me personally i love adding sand to the cichlid tanks because it's easier on the mouths of the cichlids and stones and sometimes get stuck in their mouth and it's not fun pulling or trying to pull a stone of your prized african cichlids mouth.  I use Carib Sea Ecco-Complete Live Freshwater African Cichlid because just like it says it's a live sand making it easier to cycle your tank.  Minereralogically complete. Contains Aragonite. Maintains the high pH African Cichlids need without the constant addition of chemicals. Buffers automatically for the life of the aquarium! Adds calcium, magnesium, carbonate and more! Dark color encourages the richest coloration in fishes. Unique composition re-creates the African Rift Lake environment. 

The only complaint I had about this product is when it says that it doesn't need to be rinsed.  I recommend rinsing it well because I tried just adding it to my tank and it looked like this for 8 days even after 80% water changes three times.

After trying again I rinsed it and the result was much better.  So just remember rinse the sand.

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