Blind Cave Tetra: How to Care for and Breed

Blind Cave Tetras are a great beginner fish because they can tolerate a wide range of water quality conditions. I love these fish especially in large tank with a school of them. These fish also make great eaters, they are always up for a meal. Blind Cave Tetras being blind, will tend to nip fins thinking that it's food, making people think their very aggressive.Don't worry about alot of plants, put lots of caves in the tank and have a dim light because blind cave tetras will jump out if stressed.

Feeding Bling Cave Tetras: Flake Food, Freeze Dried Food, Frozen Bloodworms and Brineshrimp

Temperature: 68F-85F

Scientific Name: Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus

Size: 5 inches

Breeding Blind Cave Tetras: Breeding Blind Cave Tetras can be tricky because determining sexes is near impossible.  The easiest way to breed them is to put 6-8 blind cave tetras together and let them pair off naturally.  Feed them frozen food and raise temperature of tank 4 degrees Fahrenheit.  They are egg scatters and breed in the typical tetra fashion and scatter the eggs.  Remove parents after they breed because they will eat the eggs.

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