How to Breed Hatchet Fish-Sexing Hatchets,Raising Fry

Hatchet Fish can be difficult to breed unless you pick the right kind.  If you want to breed hatchet fish but not sure how to do it then keep reading.  Marbled hatchet fish are easy to breed out of all the other hatchets varieties.  To breed them start conditioning them on insects wether it's fruit flies or black mosquiito larvae.  These mimics the wild.

Next the water should be around 5.5-6.5 PH, I keep my water around 74 degrees and raise it a little to 76-78F when I want to breed.  Also you will need to add Peat Extract to the water to help condition them.You will also need to keep these guys and girls in groups of 4 or more, I like to do 6 or more.  Sexing hatchets can be a little difficult, females from above just look plumper that's why I go with 6 in a group.

The will lay the eggs on palnts, roots, leaves. The eggs will hatch after about 32 hours, they become free swimming in usually 3 days.  I feed my hatchet fry baby brine shrimp.  Make sure to take the parents out after breeding because they will eat the babies.  Have any questions on how to breed hatchet fish leave it in the comments.

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  1. What do hatchet eggs look like?