How to Breed, Feed, Care for the T-Bar Cichlid or Sajica Cichlid

T-Bar Cichlid How To Care For, Feed, Breed

 Other Names: Sajica Cichlid

 Scientific Name: Archocentrus sajica

 Origins: Costa Rica

 Size: 3.5 to 5 inches

 Diet: Flakes, Pellets, Frozen Bloodworms, Vegetable Wafers

 Tank Requirements: 70-77 F, Large tank that has quite a few plants and hiding spots so they can feel secure.

 Behavior: Territorial just like most cichlids Breeding: Eggs are laid in caves, clay pots or other cave like structure, Females will usually tend to eggs while male guards them. Mature females that are ready to spawn have a beautiful golden yellow color on their dorsal and anal fins.

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