How To Get Amazing Growth In Your Planted Aquarium With This

 Using Miracle Gro for your plants will help them tremendously.  But their are alot of forms of miracle gro out there, here is the one that you want to use.  To the right is the kind I use in my aquarium with plants.  It's the all purpose type you can buy it from my shop by clicking the picture.

You want to start off using only a little bit like 1/8 a teaspoon and up it slowly.  This should not hurt your fish as long as you do it right.  You can stay with a dose of 1/8 to 2/8 a teaspoon every two weeks or every water change.

To use the miracle gro in your aquarium to get great growth you want to add the miracle gro to a cup of water and let it dissolve then add it to the water.

Warning: This will cause crazy growth and cause your plants to look beautiful and lush.  I use for my amazon sword plants.  I posted a video below to show them.

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