Buying Water From The Pet Store - Are You Paying To Much?

If your looking to start up a new tank or add water you know is safe to your tank then you may have come across the option to buy water from your local aquarium store.  Yes it's cheaper than buying a RO system or a Tap Water Conditioner System.  So here is what you should be paying for water and their are usually these types available.

  • Water from their tanks - Examine their tanks before buying this water to determine if it's safe.  Make sure if their are any problems you can see you don't buy it. (.50 to .75 cents per gallon)
  • RO Water(Reverse Osmosis)-Can be used in freshwater tank or used to make saltwater mix. (.50 - .75 per gallon)
  • Saltwater-Used for saltwater tanks and is already mixed. Make sure it matches the salinity of your tank. ($1- $2)
 Don't have a store that sells water then check out some of these products that will make you able to make your own RO or a premade saltwater. Always bring your own container it saves you money.

Coralife 05692 Pure-Flo II 50-Gallon Per Day 4 Stage RO/DI System

My Favorite Tap Water Filter by API

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