How To Treat Ich With Salt

If your fish has little white specs on them or it looks like your fish had salt sprinkled on them, then you most likely have ich on your fish.

Ich is tricky because at one point during the day it will break away or fall off your fish and breed.  So you may look in after a day of treating it and it looks like it is gone but it's not.  It's best to keep treating for 7 days.

Here are some ways to treat ick with Salt.  When the ich or ick is attached to your fish it is actually unharmed by chemicals.  It's when the ick breaks off that it is when the chemicals can kill it.

Ick or Ich isn't usually deadly, but what it does is weaken the immune system and usually a secondary disease will wipe them out.  Yes ick can kill sometimes but usually doesn't.

Treating Ick with Salt.
  • Raise the Temperature to 80F this will speed up the life cycle of ick and makes killing them much easier.  
  • But raise it no more than 1 to 2 degrees a hour.  
  • Add 2 tablespoons of Aquarium Salt per 5 gallon to kill it.  
  • Then do water changes around 20% of the tank and make sure to vacuum the gravel real well to get as much of the ick parasite break offs as possible.
  • After 8 days and you see no ick do a 60%-70% water change to get most of the salt out.

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