Tetra Algae Control Review

Hi Guys and Girls now that pond season is swimming up on us quickly it's time to think about cleaning out the pond and getting it ready for the warm weather.  If your like me it's tough to get all the leaves and debris out of it which can later lead to a algae bloom or just ugly green water.  The debris actually cause a spike in nutrients which isn't always a bad thing but if your like me green water doesn't look good at all.  With a pond as much as i'm against using chemicals their is one that I use and love and see great results from.

Tetra Algae Control  this product is amazing and it isn't very expensive for the amount of water it treats.  What is great is that it stops algae blooms, string algae, blanket algae, but it's safe for aquatic plants.

So if you want a great looking pond, with crystal clear water then grab this from my amazon store by clicking the picture.

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  1. I have found this product works, but after the initial 3 times how often is it safe to use for maintaining but not hurting the fish